US National Championship


As usual, the weather was sunny and warm for the IIDA World Cup and IGSA US National Championships at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California on October 8 and 9, 2011. The track has gotten somewhat rougher and bumpier in the year since the last race, and both more challenging and random, since the riders cannot see all the bumps at race speed. When the inline race came in the afternoon, there was a strong headwind on the upper part of the course that slowed the racers. A strong start was crucial, and also a low tuck into the wind. There were many crashes during practice on the big right turn, especially for skateboard racers, but all of the inline racers had clean runs when it counted.

Downhill Inline IIDA World Cup
Run 1 Run #2 Best
Best time
1 Scott Peer 1:10.400 1:08.887 1:08.887
2 George Merkert 1:10.832 1:10.897 1:10.832
3 Warren Focke 1:14.097 1:14.808 1:14.097
4 Craig Ellis 1:18.140 1:14.598 1:14.598

On Sunday the IGSA inline race was a three run, points-total race. There was a big crowd of spectators under tents at “crash corner”, who were entertained by many crashes, including a street luge pileup that displaced 20 hay bales. However, there was no need for calculators for the inline race, because the finish order was the same on every run. On the first two runs Scott got off the line first, George got onto his train, and they stayed ahead of Warren through the first half. Then at the big right turn, Scott stayed in his tuck longer and started braking later and sprinted to win. On the final run, George made a huge effort to out-sprint the others from the start. He got the jump off the line and pushed further than usual for a very long sprint. But Scott caught his draft and then took a big slingshot to the inside of the second sweeper turn and took off to an even later brake for the big right and the win.

IGSA Skater Cross
1 Scott Peer
2 George Merkert
2 Warren Focke

Article by Scott Peer



Schoenberg am Kamp, AUSTRIA Sept. 2-3

Ladurner and Christ-Thomas win the last European race of 2011 and the IIDA Overall World Cup with one step to go

Daniel confirms his great shape this year and Séverine confirms to be simply unbeatable.
Angelo Vecchi, Alexandre Lebrun and Michelle Buchholzer complete the podiums.
German Moritz Noerl crashes in the training runs and will not step on the podium.
The IIDA world cup overall ranking is still hot for spots 2 and 3, with four riders for two places.

On the fast 2.3km long course in the region of Vienna, the 2012 World Championships candidate organization showed to be ready for the big thing. Despite a few adjustments still needed, Werner Zenleser and his crew did a really good job. A safe course, a good number of riders (both superstars, old glories and wannabes) and 28°C gave life to an funny early September day of world class downhill.
Daniel Ladurner had no opponents. This year he had only one non-perfect race, the World Championships! But the 28yo from Feldkirch has definitely to be considered as one of the top 5 athletes in the history of the discipline (with Oscar Galliazzo, Luc Lenoir, Gilbert Genoud and Harry Perna). Seeing him smoothly braking at 80kph in Schoenberg was an unbelievably spectacular advertisement for inline downhill.
His amazing style  and absolute mastery of the technique of skating are so great that he is able to make everything he does look easy and effortless.
Schoenberg’s defending champion Angelo Vecchi of Italy, second this year, has shown to be one of the candidates for the podium in 2012, while 2010 IIDA World Cup winner Alexandre “Rollo” Lebrun had a great day, too, setting an excellent 2’20”54 in the second run.
World Cup’s no. 1 after Chuyer, Moritz Noerl of Germany jeopardized his excellent season crashing badly in the last practice run. A fortunately not too serious injury kept him out of the race, pushing him out of the 2011 world cup overall podium. He is only 20 by the way, he will have time to learn that going full speed anytime and anyway is not always the best choice.
2011 has been a great season for him, with the first WC victory, another podium in Teolo and an excellent 5th place at the world championships.
IIDA has welcomed for the second time a speedskating superstar. Former member of the French national team Mathieu Grandgirard, the only one able to push skating at 65kph, finished excellent 4th.
This race had a few other surprises, among which the absolutely unexpected 7th place of the local mainly-slalom skater Sacha Dragaschnigg, who, with a great 2nd run has been able to improve his time of 2010 by 4 seconds!
Among women, as usual, the lot of participants did not find anys erious challengers for Séverine Christ-Thomas’ empire, but 15yo local star Michelle Buchholzer has shown once again to be a talented rider to be considered for this decade.
As we have said above, the 2011 IIDA world cup overall podium is not filled, yet. If Daniel Ladurner is unreachable, Angelo Vecchi (currently 2nd) and Alexandre Lebrun (3rd) are separated by 2 points. And even Italy’s Davide Tacchini could finish second if he wins in Bonelli.
The 36yo expert rider from Piacenza at the end of the race unexpectedly announced he will not retire at the end of the season. After two fourth places in the last two overall world rankings, he will try to step on the podium one last time in 2012.
See you all in Bonelli Park, Los Angeles, California in the first week on October for the 6th IIDA World Cup step!

Vecchi Angelo - Ladurner Daniel - Lebrun Alexandre                                                                       Buchholzer Michelle - Christ Thomas Séverine

HOGTOBERFEST 15/16 October 2011

All I can think to start this article about the hogtoberfest is “WoW”

What a great weekend. A big thank you must go out to the organizer, Timmy Peters who really went above and beyond and put together an event that was touted by everyone there as the next step in the evolution of gravity sports events in the UK. Unfortunately young Mr Peters managed to pull a monster of a bail late on the sunday afternoon and ended up arse over tits resulting in a rather serious concussion.

The inline side of the event was yet again well received by all involved. We were very lucky to have join us several french riders. One of which was several time world champion Alexandre Lebrun. He graciously gave the local riders a few demonstrations of his skills and passed on some of his hard earned skills.

The riders in the final race event were few due to most of the riders having to depart early to catch flights back to france. None the less the finals were hard fought and ultimately won by Phil Wildman with Cecile Klause of france coming in second and Grant Du Plessis in a respectable third.

Much to everyones disappointment, that was the final race of the 2011 season. No doubt there will be more to come next year.

With everyone planning to spend winter getting their gear and skills in order as well as planning which local and European events they will be able to attend I can only imagine next year is going to be bigger, bad’er and better!

Thanks again to all the riders for attending and congratulations again to the place winners.